The typical Haflinger horse is a hardy, gentle, laid-back, friendly, people-oriented creature. Although some people think that the Haflinger is related to a Belgian, it is in fact the result of the mating of native Austrian mountain mares with a part-Arabian stallion. The name comes from the village of Hafling, which was part of Austria until relinquished to Italy at the end of World War I. Haflingers were first brought to the United States in the late 1950's, and the more people who come in contact with them, the more friends they have.

Although they are small horses in height, ranging from 50 to 59 inches (12.2 to 14.3 hands), Haflingers weigh between 900 and 1300 pounds, which makes them suitable for just about any member of the family to ride, drive, or just cuddle with. Haflingers excel at draft work, pleasure driving, barrel racing, jumping, and anything else you might ask of them. Because of their mountain origins, they have great endurance and strength and are very "easy keepers." They live to be in their late 30's and reproduce well through their 20's.

Haflingers are very attractive and can fulfill our most idealized images of horses. They are like 'Fantasia' horses, with their flowing manes and tails, calling up the horses we dreamed of in our horse-loving childhoods. And they don't let one down - they not only look huggable, but they seem to actually like being hugged. A Haflinger's color runs the full range of chestnut and can be from a blonde to a golden palomino to a chocolate color. The manes and tails are usually very luxurious and colored between white and flaxen.

In summary, a Haflinger is extremely versatile, good-looking, has an exceptional temperament, is long-lived and is hardy.

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